Residential Cohousing

The residential part of the building will be a home for people looking to live intentionally and will have a high level of involvement within the ecovillage. If you want to live lightly and live immersed in interdependent community, this may be the level of participation for you!

“Community is the secret ingredient in sustainability.” 

-Jim Leach, green builder and cohousing developer

The residential area will use the cohousing model, which allows a balance of personal home space and communal shared space. There will be seven rental units of various sizes surrounding an indoor common space. The units will be smaller than usual, with a focus on simplicity and downsizing life. The indoor shared common spaces make up for the reduced private space and will allow residents to entertain larger groups, have more social interactions, share several weekly community meals, and share community activity spaces with neighbors. Other common spaces will include a shared outdoor balcony that will wrap around the West and South sides of the building and a backyard patio where residents can relax and enjoy the community garden.

If you are interested in being a part of this community, please fill out the participant interest form.

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