Vision Statement

We are a community incubator for practical ideas and experimentation that leads to more intentional living and more environmentally sustainable knowledge for members and the Kansas City community as a whole. Interconnectedness, respect, open mindedness, and eco-conscious ideas guide our collective evolution.


Mission Statement

The KC ARTS Ecovillage Project seeks to create one or more intentional living communities with our three core principles in mind.


Core Principles

  • Community

We want to live together as a community and as part of the larger KC community. We want to work in collaboration with other existing and forming groups and initiatives.


  • Sustainability

We want to explore ways to live more sustainably in an urban and/or ruban (urban which feels less urban and more rural) environment, both as individuals and as a community.


  • Arts

We believe that art and play brings people together and that it can transform community and help create a sense of place in an urban location.



  • Attracting a diverse group of individuals and families who are excited, energized, and committed to implementing the Vision;
  • Organizing our governance in ways which allows members to share responsibilities and decision making;
  • Creating financial structures that allow for and foster the participation of a diverse group of people who are committed to living harmoniously with each other and the natural world;
  • Building connection among community members through the sharing of some meals, resources (non-monetary), music, art, dancing, and creativity;
  • Confronting realistically and creatively the legal, financial, and interpersonal challenges to creating such an Ecovillage, and by infusing joy into the process of working and playing together to overcome all challenges;
  • Identifying critical ecological problems, finding solutions and implementing them in our Ecovillage;
  • Considering the environmental costs of our choices of what we use, and by reducing our use of non-renewable energy and other resources;
  • Designing, renovating and/or building structures that are attractive and inviting, sustainable, artistic and integrated into the natural environment.

Project Status

We are currently working on our site development plan for a 7.5 acre site (with the option to buy 10-20 more) that we purchased in November 2017. The property is a 10-minute drive East of the Plaza/UMKC area. Living there is likely 2-5 years out for most of us. We hope to have a better timeline on the following within the first few months of 2018.

  • Site Plan
  • Cost Estimates
  • Site Feasibility
  • Inviting additional members into the community
  • Financing and Revenue Projections
  • Project build timeline and plan

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